3 Things for Yesterday

by - Saturday, March 09, 2013

1. Looking at apartments and houses in Seattle and Pittsburgh- I love that feeling of potential, of finding something that might be really cool in a new place. And just browsing is before you have to deal with any of the realities of moving and such, so I feel pretty positive about it right now. Later, I will get crazy sentimental and not want to leave our first real apartment together, but for now, I can be ridiculously excited that in Redmond, most places allow pets (and therefore, we may finally be able to get our goldendoodle!).
2. Bao braised pork sandwiches- Man, I seriously think about that sandwich all week, and after we have it, I feel sad that it is over. That sandwich is probably one of the best things to come out of 2013 so far.
3. The Boy- Have I mentioned that he has been junk-food, robot heaven these past two weeks? Oh, I have? Well, tough noogies. He has remained a pretty kickass support system, which is important when everyone else is mostly so far away.

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