3 Things for Yesterday- Skipped Meetings, Long Pleats, and Snackies

by - Wednesday, March 13, 2013

1. Going to school for a meeting that the other person has forgotten about- nothing like that to put life into perspective, right? Our biggest most important dramas are just one of many.

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2. Long skirts- Every time I put one of these on, I can't deny that they are a horrible idea for me. But they look so nice on other people, so kudos to them!! I especially love some pleats, because they remind me of my beloved Ginger and Fred number. I also really love the color combinations for these two pinterest randoms.
3. Having salmon and veggies for dinner, feeling proud of ourselves for being healthy, and then spending the rest of the night snacking on anything we can find in the house. It's the perfect combination of eating healthy and actually feeling full.

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