3 Things for Yesterday- Red Equal Signs, Betty Smith, and Volunteering

by - Wednesday, March 27, 2013

1. The overwhelming (and sometimes surprising) mass of people who showed their support for gay marriage- The HRC red equal signs were seriously EVERYWHERE yesterday, and in the best way. In fact, I only saw one person speak against gay marriage yesterday, which is very encouraging. It has been interesting to see how much public opinion has changed on gay marriage in only 6 years, but I find it encouraging and I am proud to be part of this generation, and to have actively worked toward this (not just slacktivism or whatever the word that is going around today is). I am waiting to find out what the Supreme Court ruling is, but if nothing else, it is wonderful to see so many people take a stand for what I believe is right.

From Shappy Apple Pinterest Page

2. This random pin from Shabby Apple- I read A Tree Grows in Brooklyn a a kid, but I didn't remember this quote, even if maybe it did influence my thinking? Anyway, love the quote.
3. Actually starting my volunteering work! I started my tutoring yesterday morning. It went alright, though I definitely have a lot left to learn. I am excited to be feeling productive.

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