3 Things for Yesterday- Piqueos, Basil smell, and Ain't Nobody Got Time For That

by - Monday, March 25, 2013

1. Piqueos- Favorite Peruvian restaurant we have found so far in San Francisco. It was fun to have a date night to celebrate our fancyversary, and the food was great. We loved the Papas a la Huacinas and the scallops. But can someone explain to me why bbq pork is sweet? I will never understand why people would want their meat to taste sweet. It's just weird. Anyway, I tried The Boy's, and I did not love it.
2. The smell of basil-The boy made Basil butter because tonight we are having pea pancakes (I love birthday week!!!!). Our whole house smelled like basil, and it was amazing. Basil may be my favorite smell in the whole world. Close runner ups would be vanilla or lilac bushes. I guess those aren't very original, but you can't deny the pure happiness of Basil house.

from pinterest.com
 3. Truth. I would like to embroider something like this for my sister in law, but i can't embroider. On the bright side, I am now practically able to knit effectively.

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