3 things for yesterday- Photobooks, Smiley Cookies, and the Healing Powers of Oscar Wilde

by - Saturday, March 16, 2013

1. Making our wedding photobook- Have I made it too complicated? Definitely yes. It is also like 100 pages long, so I am not sure that anyone in the world would actually make it through the whole thing. But, on the other hand, I can make the Boy look at it once a year right? Isn't that what marriage is all about? Anyway, if there were a career where I could creatively curate other people's family memories, this whole life crisis thing could be resolved already.

2. Smiley cookies! Ok, so they weren't exactly Voortman cookies, but you can't complain when you yell to the gods for non-chocolate Pennsylvania cookies (ok, with some research Voortman is either Buffalo NY or Ontario... but they are definitely East Coast cookies), and you get them the very next day. My dad is the best.
3. Dorian Grey- I'm reading Oscar Wilde's book for the first time ever (in an effort to rediscover reading for fun) and so far it is hilarious and super sexual and everything you would expect from Oscar Wilde. I am loving it.

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