3 Things for Yesterday- Palms, Stanford Theatre, and Jimmy Stewart's Guyliner

by - Sunday, March 24, 2013

1. Gigundous palms- We decorated for palm sunday, and the ginormous palms made the whole thing super dramatic. Talk about bang for your buck.
2. Stanford Theatre- One of the best things about living in the Silicon valley. I love walking in and hearing the organ and feeling genuine excitement in the room for whatever we are about to watch. Last night, we went to see Vertigo there, and we had a great time. God bless the Stanford.
3. Jimmy Stewart's eye makeup (and fake tan?) in Vertigo- I generally do not enjoy Jimmy Stewart's aww shucksness, but here it really works. On the other hand, you actually see them test a number of different strategies to hide his age in the film. It takes guyliner to a new level, but his eyes really do pop. Distracting, but in the best way.

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