3 Things- Don Wid De Gon, Good News, and Open Tulips

by - Tuesday, March 19, 2013

1. Don wid De Gon- Dang it Sean Paul! Why do I love this song sooo freaking much! The Boy thinks its the crazy noises at the beginning. I think it might be because it is the only song on Zumba where I can thrash around a bunch, and it basically always gives me credit.At the end, I literally just kind of move in whatever direction, and it still works! It is very encouraging.
2. Good news- Today, I got my first yes from a faculty member, which was awesome, even if I am still not sure it is actually the right next step for me. It is still nice to have someone who believes I can do it, and who puts themselves on the line to help me out. It really is very nice. I also found out I am only 2 courses short of having everything I need to start a Masters in Education program. So, I continue to pursue all of my options, with the hope that by the time I need to make the decision, I will know what to do.

3. Really Open Tulips- Ok, this is when they were still relatively fresh, but now they are opened up practically the whole way. I think this actually means they are close to death, but they are so stinking beautiful. The black inside and the orange and yellow? Amazing.

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