3 Things- Balloon Bee, Happy, and a New Keychain!

by - Thursday, March 28, 2013

1. A Balloon- the Boy brought me home a balloon (and coffee cake) for my birthday today. It is asuch a cute little bee and it made me really happy that he was so thoughtful. He also came home just to have lunch with me today, so I am getting majorly spoiled for birthday week.
2. Happy- currently finishing up the documentary Happy, which is one of those things that Netflix keeps pushing on me, and I finally gave in and watched (usually my documentary watching is somehow related to crime). I am so glad I watched it, and if you have Netflix, I highly recommend it. I may write a whole blog about it tomorrow. Thought-provoking and life-affirming all in one.
3. My Aunt's new keychain- hey, have you heard I am pimping my zenfolio? Oh, about a thousand times? Well, today I saw my Aunt Joanna made a keychain out of one of my pictures, and that was really really exciting. So cool! And she picked probably one of my top ten favorite pictures ever ever (which I took while on a walk with her sons and my other cousins if I remember correctly).

Bonus: Having so many good options for our safari that we genuinely can't figure out how to decide. But we are going to do it soon, OR ELSE ;o)

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