Pinterest (Partial) Fail- Greeting Card Books

by - Wednesday, February 13, 2013

So last night, we started cleaning out the disaster zone which is our office. We are trying to be more organized, as organization clearly becomes more and more important the longer you live in the same place (and subsequently fill it with your stuff). 

One of the things we decided to do came straight from Pinterest. Basically, you two or three hole punch your cards and the either use those metal loops or pretty twine or something. Having all the cards strung together makes them easier to store, in theory, and probably actually more likely to be looked at again ever. Of course, they are all over Pinterest, and most of them have beautiful sparkly covers. Also, apparently there is a standardized card size used by the rest of the world, so these things come out relatively neat. 

We did it, and I think it will still serve its purpose, but ours look like this:

Alright Pinteresters, don't be too jealous of our beautiful cover, which are leftover seating cards from the wedding. Maybe I will add some sparkles later. I tried to line up the bottom hole so it would stand on a bookshelf, but they came out looking pretty janky. But this does seem like a practical solution (the only more practical solution would be to throw the majority of the cards away, but that's not happening). 

Truly, as long as you don't care if it looks nice, this is the easiest Pinterest project ever. Punch holes in cards and try to line up the bottom. Write what they are (Wedding, Christmas 2011, etc) on a piece of paper and punch holes in it (if you want the thing to look good, this is a pivotal step). String it all together with ribbon. Done. We will call our effort a practical success and an aesthetic fail. Good luck!

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