6 Things- Warm Bodies, February, fairycakes, Nude-Aid, and no Super Bowl!

by - Saturday, February 02, 2013

from turntherightcorner.com/2012/11/13/first-warm-bodies-trailer/
 1. Warm Bodies- Liked it way better than I thought I would. The funniest parts are in the ad, but I still thought it was fun movie. Both of the leads are really great, and I give it respect for really going there. He eats her boyfriend's brains to get to know her. I liked it.
2. That it is February- Of course, this is bad if you think about my nearly destroyed career, but I like February and we have a bunch of fun stuff planned. I was ready to leave January behind. Please God, let this month be better! It just feels like the good parts of the year are starting to pick up.
3. Fairycakes- another find at Moveable Feast. This is becoming my favorite tradition of 2013. We are trying to way cut down on eating out, just because we do it too much. Friday nights are now something to look forward to. The Boy had S'mores and I had Oreo. Apparently their Salted Caramel Vanilla ones are the best, but we didn't make it there in time. It's alright. Lent is quickly approaching, so saving amazing vanilla things for then is probably wise.
4. Facebook- That's right, I said it. I like that I got to help debate paint colors with my aunt who lives in State College.
5. Nude-Aid- The Center for Sex and Culture puts on this fund raiser every year where a bunch of models pose in the nude while artists make work that you can then buy. I have volunteered 2 or 3 times (I set up the food table and hung up the drawings, fully clothed, so not that seedy beyond spending the afternoon with a bunch of naked strangers).  I love this because I can't imagine seeing it anywhere else. I also just think it is so fun to see what the artists choose to do. And I have a favorite model that comes every year and has a whole collection of head gear- fishing hats, ski goggles, fern crowns, etc. I love that he accessorizes naked. I respect that. Anyway, it is a fun thing to be involved in, and if you live around San Francisco, I highly recommend going and checking out some of the events at the CSC.
6. That I don't have to watch the Super Bowl tomorrow- The Boy is going to a friend's house to watch. I do not care. We live in the Bay, so everyone is pretty excited. But I seriously do not care. Also, can someone direct me to a place that explains the advertising history of the Super Bowl? No, I don't mean the ads. I mean the strange correlation between this athletic event and every food in history that will actually stop your heart. How and when did every chip and pop company recognize this opportunity? Why are chips almost sold out at my grocery store???? Why is this the only time of year you hear people mention how bad wings are on the west coast? (Yes, they are horrible- if you know of a good place for wings in the Silicon Valley, please tell us) Anyway, especially after the players keep saying/doing stupid things (I know this is par for the course, but I usually don't have to watch it all the time), I am glad I will be missing out on the fun.

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