6 Things- Top Chef, Leftover Lasagna, Force Memorial, and Safety Not Guaranteed

by - Friday, February 15, 2013

 Ok, I genuinely have no idea why I didn't do the blog Wednesday night. Sometimes, we all make mistakes.

1. Top Chef- Still the best reality tv show on. This episode was exceptionally emotional, but I really appreciate when the contestants are kind to one another.
2. Leftover Lasagna- That is literally the only thing I ate that day. I had it for both lunch and dinner. That's living. Not sarcastic at all, leftover lasagna is somehow better than fresh lasagna.

From Jezebel.com
3. Jenny Packham- so pretty. I don't know why, but it has been more fun to see the shows from fashion week this year. Jenny Packham might be my favorite.

4. The memorial put up in Washington DC for rape victims (apparently it was taken down quickly, but this is awesome)- Baltimore feminist group FORCE put this up yesterday for One Billion Rising. Not only is it a powerful message to put a woman in the DC crosshairs of monuments ( an honor pretty much reserved for men), but the red lettering and the message reflects the challenges of what is "worth remembering." I also love that it is very Jenny Holzer. Just awesome. I am interested to see what happens to One Billion Rising.
5. People who put up pictures of the flowers their significant other gave them on facebook- I lie. I am in a relationship, and I still find this super annoying. This is also the key to the problem of Valentine's day. The Boy says there is pressure for guys to check off all the boxes-- flowers, chocolates, etc-- and it actually kind of stiles creativity. Do I really need to see your bouquet of red roses that looks exactly like the last girl's? I'm just not sure. Because instead of coming off as fun or sweet (and trust me, I love seeing happy things happen to people), it ends up feeling tedious. I am not sure what this means, and you know I love a holiday, but I think I love to see how people interpret traditions differently. And at the end of Valentine's day, it felt like it's all kind of the same. I have no problem with sharing your life or being excited, but this particular type of bragging (picture of flowers- almost all red roses- and some sort of bragging on partner) seems really insincere when you see it in excess.

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6. Safety not Guaranteed- Perfect Valentine's Day Movie. Based on the internet meme that took off repeating a real ad about time travel. Aubrey Plaza does her thing, though she is allowed a little more emotional range here, and Mark Duplass is kind of the bomb (I know I am late to that party, but I got here nevertheless). It's just a sweet little movie, and it is up on Netflix now, so you should check it out.

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