6 Things for the Past 2 Days- Because It's Never so Bad there is Nothing to be Thankful for

by - Wednesday, February 27, 2013

1. (This is the biggest one) My family and the Boy- It is impossible to feel completely defeated when you also feel so loved. Even though everyone is so far away, I have received so much support and positivity from the people that I love. That is huge. Emails from my grandparents, and aunts, and cousins feel like they are healing me piece by piece. Talking to my Mom, Dad, and my Mother in Law have been so important for figuring out where I am at. My best friends have been amazing. The Boy is ridiculously and spectacularly wonderful, even if he is still a little afraid of all the crying. Plus, he both encourages my junk food binging and makes me get up and still do Zumba. It is also a huge reminder that grad school was my job, not my life, and that my life is pretty awesome. I know things will be ok, even if they aren't ok now.
2. That both my grandmas threatened to beat people up- I just found this funny. What a bunch of badasses.
3. Hobee's coffee cake- Nothing I make can touch how good and probably horrible for you that cake is. Why do I find sugar and carbs so comforting? Who knows.
4. My dad's aggresively upbeat mix cd- currently the only thing I am listening to. I think "I'm on Top of the World" by Imagine Dragons is the themesong of this week. I know that is weird, and maybe I should be listening to wallowing music, but I don't want to be too miserable. I'd rather be happy.
5.That when I tried to be a martyr, and tell my dad everything bad happens at Lent when I can't eat chocolate, he said Jesus didn't exactly have an easy time during Lent- Blamo, way to put my martyrdom back into perspective!
6. That lots of people, not just feminist blogs, noticed how lame and tired Seth McFarlane's homophobic and sexist jokes were- the world is really ok. It will be better when people come up with something else.

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