30 Day Challenge- Day 4

by - Saturday, February 23, 2013

Day 4- Someone who is beautiful because they are always experimenting with their look.- My cousin Paige 

 Ok, I think this is a bit of a cheap answer, because what I love about Paige is that she is constantly playing with her look (especially her hair which has been a super dark bob to a blond perm), but she also maintains her sense of self simultaneously. I have known Paige since the very beginning of her life ( I was so happy to have a girl cousin on the Greene side!), and she has always looked just like Paige. Which is lucky for her, because she has always been beautiful. She was a very pretty kid, and now she is a very pretty adult, but within that prettiness, she plays with the endless variations. It's this courage to take big leaps, to try new things, and to grow that makes her so beautiful. 

Paige has a very pretty face and a body my Grampa described as like my Grammy's when she was young (no seriously, that happened, it was odd). I have always noticed that Paige has gotten a lot of attention for being so pretty (a steady line of boys pining at her, lots of praise, etc.), but rather than sort of resting on that, she always seems ready to try a new thing. I have known lots of other pretty girls who just rest on being pretty, sticking with the look that garners them praise, so I really respect that Paige wants to be creative and try new things.

 These are two subsequent Christmases. First, we see some almost black-haired bob Paige, then the infamous perm. She also has done all sorts of bangs and highlights. She has been various versions of blond. Basically, if I did everything Paige has done with her hair, my hair would straight up give up and fall out.

Paige is also always experimenting with make up and clothes. She is going through a major blue eyeshadow phase right now. She also plays around with clothes way more than I ever did, and I think must have an endless supply of colorful dresses, all of which are very pretty. She seems very courageous about her style, and her clothes usually deviate from the boring jeans and t-shirt combo. I love that.

 Of course, this is not a post devoted solely to Paige's hair styles, though that would be perfectly legitimate (are you seeing the pink lowlights and blunt bangs here?). Paige's ever-changing aesthetic reflects her playfulness, her creativity, and her willingness to try new things.

 Paige, perhaps more than anyone else I know, is constantly plotting paths to growth. She is always thinking up new things, new routes, new ways to get better. Lots of people do their late teens/ early 20's trying to tie themselves down to a path as immediately as possible. It has been cool to watch Paige be willing to try lots of different things. She doesn't always know the answers, but she is always trying to figure it out. She is open to lots of possibilities and has a really creative mind. I love that about her, and I think when she looks back at herself from this chapter she is going to be so proud of how strong and courageous she proved (to herself) that she could be.

Paige is also really open to new people and is kind to everyone.  She is definitely bacon and beans classy, but this is about more than just being nice. She recognizes when people need help and racks hr brain trying to be there for them. She is super soft-hearted, and has been so consistently pretty much forever. I feel like this is the chunk of Paige that keeps steadiest.

 So here's to you, Paige, for having the courage to take chances and for never being so attached with how things are that you don't want to see what could be. That is a beautiful quality. Even more beautiful is that you can make all these changes, and the core of what is you stays right in tact. Yay Paige!!!

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