30 Day Challenge- Day 1

by - Friday, February 01, 2013

Ok, this is the first day I am going for my 30 day Challenge where we as women can encourage other women about beauty. Like I said last week, I think it is a fool's errand to pretend these things don't matter to many of us, because in different forms they do, but the more we can be open and honest about what we see as beautiful about eachother, the more positivity we can add to the world. If you want to join me (please do!), click the 30 day link at the bottom of this page to get the whole list.

Day 1- Someone who you think underestimates their own beauty- My Mom!!! I think my Mom is so beautiful in every way- she is courageous enough to show her vulnerabilites, she is so kind that she is constantly helping people, and she has a great smile and a super big hearty laugh. I think it is the biggest compliment in the world when people tell me that I look like her, because I think she is so beautiful. 

  My Mom has switched up her look a lot over the years. Both she and my Aunt Ann perfected the fine art of home hair dying, and their hair has been every color between blond and brown. Now they both have super short hair and look gorgeous! She also has very pretty glowy skin that has gotten tanner since she moved to a tropical island! You can also trace the changing styles of eyeglasses just by looking at her pictures. She has a sharp, athletic style, and you won't often see her fuss over herself much, but she doesn't need it. She is too busy to guss up, and I can remember her putting her mascara on while we were driving in the car in the morning.

 I think my Mom took a lot of slack for her weight when she was growing up (she's got a little curve on her, just like me), and those discussions made her conflate her beauty with her weight. She is also an incredibly hard-working and driven woman, so I think the weight thing is something she always feels like she could work at. The truth, from my perspective, is that her weight has absolutely no bearing on her beauty. My mom has gained and lost weight my whole life, and I cannot remember ever thinking she wasn't so so pretty.

 My mom, to me, is the most beautiful when she is kind to herself and when she is really happy. Her kindness is the most fantastic thing in the world to me, and the last time I went with her to work (she is a physical therapist) and just watched her genuinely help people in this huge way that made me tear up I was so proud to be her daughter! She has an incredibly huge heart that will spill out for anyone. She isn't guarded at all, which I admire, because I did not inherit that trait.

She is so kind all of the time, that she is always beautiful. This only amplifies when she is being good to herself, treating herself to things that make her happy. She is also hilarious and creative, and I love to see her getting to just be happy. She has this very cute, kind of dorky laugh when she is just giddy happy, and I think that look on her face is the prettiest one. She is so genuinely gorgeous when she is kind to herself.

To me, my Mom is a magical, light blue-eyed (so pretty!), super badass ball of adventure. She is brave, can totally change direction, and can make the worst day fun. She treats everything with love and curiosity. I hope that deep down she recognizes about how beautiful she is, but I think she is too busy being awesome to even notice how awesome she is!

Day 1 Completed!! If you want to join in on my mission (and I hope you do! You don't have to be half as long-winded as me, and I think this could be a great way to spread the love around!), here is the list:

 Day 1- Someone who you think underestimates their own beauty.
Day 2- Something that you genuinely think is beautiful that isn't always treated that way.
Day 3- Someone whose strength makes them beautiful.
Day 4- Someone who is beautiful because they are always experimenting with their look.
Day 5- Someone who is beautiful because of their confidence.
Day 6- Something that you think is beautiful about women who are Moms (or Grandmas).
Day 7- Someone who always expresses themselves in a beautiful way.
Day 8- Someone who you think lights up the rooms they are in.
Day 9- Someone who you think is beautifully unique.
Day 10-Someone with great hands.
Day 11- Someone who you think is beautiful because they know what they want from life.
Day 12- Someone you think is bold and courageous.
Day 13- Someone with great skin.
Day 14- Someone whose smile makes you smile.
Day 15- Something that you think is beautiful about yourself.
Day 16- Someone who you think has beautiful curves.
Day 17- Someone who sticks it to gender norms.
Day 18-  A way you think a person's personality makes them beautiful.
Day 19- Someone whose intelligence makes them beautiful.
Day 20- Someone who only gets more beautiful with time.
Day 21- Someone you think has great style.
Day 22- Something you don't have that you find beautiful in other women.
Day 23- Someone whose positive thoughts shine out of their face.
Day 24- Someone who is beautiful because of what they love.
Day 25- Someone who radiates warmth and love.
Day 26- Someone with great hair.
Day 27- Someone who is beautiful because of how they see, not only how they look.
Day 28- Someone who is hilarious and that makes them beautiful.
Day 29- Someone with beautiful eyes.
Day 30- Something that you didn't notice before as beautiful, but you do now.

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