3 Things- Wheel of Fortune, Aging Artist Organizations, and Ganesha

by - Monday, February 04, 2013

1. Wheel of Fortune- We are so weirdly addicted to that show. Tonight we ate in the living room because dinner wasn't ready in time. How sad is that? We still aren't as good as it as my Nana, but it is weird that we would even need to compete on this level. It's all Andy Cohen and Pat Sajack in this house lately, which I am sure says all sorts of things about us.
2. That there are apparently about a million different organizations that address aging artists (all of which are less than 15 years old)- somebody has discovered a market, that is for sure.

from www.tumblr.com/tagged/hinduism
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3.Ganesha-- He is the most easily identifiable deity in the whole Hindu pantheon since he has an elephant head. He is the remover of obstacles! I especially love the iconography of the big ears for more listening and small mouth for less talking. I have been thinking of him since I saw some graffitti with him on it on Mission St (it wasn't this, which is in LA, but it reminds me of it). Isn't it weird the stuff from undergrad surveys of Asian art come back in random ways? Like, I can't tell you much about Buddhism, but I still know some Bodhisattvas. And I still know Shiva and Parvati and a little more Hindu religious iconography. And I remember the geography quizzes. That's all I have left from that class. But at least I remember Ganesha. I can definitely use some Ganesha right now. He is also the god of writing and of beginnings.

Bonus: Turkey tacos, popcorn for a snack, Jameson, almost being caught up on emails.

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