3 Things- Top Chef, R2D2 Cake, and the Boy

by - Wednesday, February 20, 2013

1. That the Top Two on Top Chef are both women- Ok, I am super sad that Sheldon got kicked off, because he is a sweetie. Plus, he made the classically tragic mistake of deciding at the last minute to "show what he learned" to step away from his own strength and what got him there. Don't make the Carla mistake! On the other hand, it is cool that the Top Chef winner season will definitely be the second woman to win. My fingers are crossed for Brooke.

2.The Boy's Birthday Cake- I am pretty pumped that I actually pulled this off. I made a huge mess and had one fail cake first, but all in all, probably the fanciest cake I have made thus far.
3. The Boy- I could not be more pumped about someone having been born. I genuinely can't imagine what my life would be like without him, and he makes me laugh every single day. Yay Boy!!

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