3 Things- Oscar Edition

by - Sunday, February 24, 2013

1. Any time Daniel Radcliffe is anywhere- He is the most adorably awkward person ever. He actually makes me like Harry Potter more. He is just so dorky, but he is also really thoughtful and honest (when Ryan Seacrest asked what his favorite movie was this year, he actually answered). Plus, he loves Tom Lehrer.
2. That Sally Field tied Joseph Gordon Levitt's bow tie (and then he met Dustin Hoffman for the first time)- Mostly, the red carpet is pretty dumb, but I thought that was a pretty sweet moment, because he seemed genuinely nervous and excited.
3. That there seems to be a batman symbol on Nicole Kidman's dress. Yeah, just that.
4. The incredible awkwardness of the last 15 minutes of the red carpet coverage- apparently E can't stay on the carpet past 7:30, so it was all on Kristin Chenoweth, whose super cuteness works pretty well I think. If only they had let her interview Michael Haneke. On the other hand, following them into the theater and talking to celebrities as they sit down felt awkward. I enjoyed that awkwardness more.
5. Pink tights- Amazing.
6. Did they actually play someone off from the music from Jaws? Amazing. Where was Spielberg running around with the shark's head? The music is perhaps a little too center stage this evening.
7. That there was a tie- No BS. That is just so freaking weird, but sound editing is a pretty contentious category. Also, the first winner got teary, and the second winner sounded and looked a lot like a Bond villain. I loved it. WHAT!?!? And the Jaws music again?!?
8. The song medley- totally unneccessary, but it was fun to see Catherine Zeta Jones up there killing it ten years later. It did make me think about my brother's rants about the Oscars and their over-attachment to Les Mis.
9. Funny Sound of Music gag- this really is a big night for Austria. I love me some Christopher Plummer.
10. Adele's makeup- She always has perfect makeup. Just saying.
11. The absolute bizarreness of the show, William Shatner, Ballroom dancing, a super excess of Chicago references, Michelle Obama?? (Really? She didn't have something better to do?)- It was just a random one. Why is he still singing? You know everyone just wants out of there. I did not love him, PS. Other than Sound of Music jokes, he did not win my heart. Is there anything more stale than being sexist or homophobic for gags?
12. Jennifer Lawrence fell, but it only made everyone love her more. "You guys are just standing up because you felt bad that I fell.."
13. Ang Lee's speech- best speech of the night. Doesn't he just seem like a genuinely sweet and good person? 

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