3 Things-Maria the Post Lady, Chocolate, Aurora Photographs, and Talking too Much

by - Wednesday, February 13, 2013

1. Maria the actually nice post lady- Super kind, and she always smiles. You have to wait in a long line at our post office, and the other two postal workers seem to genuinely hate their life, so you are just hoping that you get to be at Maria's window. Today, hit the jackpot. I think I've had her the last 2 times too. That is exceptionally good news.
2. Chocolate- Ah Fat Tuesday, you eat too much chocolate and think you will be happy to be rid of it tomorrow. I will, and then the day after that, I will be so sad to be without it! I am giving a bunch of stuff up for Lent, and have every year since I was in high school, and chocolate is always the hardest thing to give up. I am a hard core comfort eater, and chocolate is definitely my fave. But right now, I have plenty of chocolate, and I am ready for Lent.

3. This photograph- An aurora over the earth as taken by the ISS. My aunt posted this two days ago, and it has still been on my mind.

Bonus- Those awkward moments when someone is ready to stop talking to you, and you just can't stop talking. I had that so many times today! I think I just was happy to not stare at a computer screen for the vast majority of the day.

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