3 Things- Giraffes, the Ocean, and a Young Martin Landau

by - Saturday, February 16, 2013

1. Giraffes- Took the Boy to the zoo today as a kickoff to Birthday week (I feel weirder and weirder about these places the older I get, but SF has been improving theirs a lot in the past 10 years, so it is at least organized as large scale habitats). Giraffes are so pretty. If I were going to be an animal in the zoo, I would definitely be a panda, because they get a lot of attention and food and the like. But, if your one panda buddy was a loser, you would be stuck, because that is usually your only company. So I think maybe instead I would be a giraffe so I could hang out with all the other herbivores in the savannah. At least there is some variety there.
2. Seeing the ocean- Even if it is just for a minute. It can only be a positive addition to the day.
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 3. The Strange Beauty of a Young Martin Landau- Ok, perhaps I am not ever going to be a particularly good cinephile, because I spent a lot of North by Northwest being impressed how creepy/pretty Martin Landau was when he was young. His face has more angles than everyone else put together. If he smized a bit more, Tyra would love him. Also, I love Cary Grant, kind of in the same way that I love Katherine Hepburn. You basically have to give up that they are both not at all overrated.

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