3 Things- Beyonce, Sign Language, and Auntie Mame's Onesie

by - Monday, February 04, 2013

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1. Beyonce Bowl- Ok, to be honest I find it kind of endearing that rather than have some cool collaborations, Beyonce just gave us multiple Beyonces. Because she can't imagine a world where we would want anything else. But she was awesome. I would say that the direction/ filming of her performance wasn't entirely working and I think robbed us of some of the coolness they had worked out with the screens. But you can't deny that the woman turns it out when the time comes.

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2. The actual star of the superbowl- This guy. Pretty sure it is Eddie Monster grown up and spray tanned. His sign language was so slow and methodical it actual looked like interpretative posing. I am weirdly obsessed with him. He did the signing for both Jennifer Hudson and Alicia Keys. I have no idea if he signed during the game, because I watched about 30 seconds of it.
3. Turner Classic Movies' Oscar Month- Time to cross a bunch of stuff off my Watching List. Got to watch Auntie Mame last night. Didn't love it, but I did love this:
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Sparkly polo and capri onesie with cape??? You win, Rosalind Russell, you win.

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