Why is it so hard to shop for The Boy?

by - Wednesday, January 23, 2013

The Boy's birthday is quickly approaching so today I am trying to get the majority of the shopping done. Having his birthday be so early in the year is such a pain, because I already bought him his small wishlist a month ago! He mostly just buys himself anything he wants or needs, so then I am out of luck. So now I am scrambling to give some gifts that will be fun and not too boring.

The best thing I have thought to do so far is try to get him some of the stuff we didn't get off our wedding registry. So now I am debating whether to get him the ice cream maker we asked for. I think it would be a fun experiment at first to make sorbets, but then it would just be another large appliance we use once or twice a year.

So why is it so much harder to shop for someone the more you share with them.  He asked for laundry baskets, but I am not sure I can buy that for him and have it count as a birthday gift. He also wants pants, but we would go shopping for them together- does that count as a gift?

I love buying presents. Love it. I know some people find it stressful, but even in a situation like this, I find it fun. What makes me anxious is that if he tells me exactly what he wants, we shop for it together, and I pay for it, there isn't much thought involved. Do you just let that part go? Or pick one really fun thing in the midst of pants and laundry baskets? Who tricked us into becoming adults? Says the woman planning the Star Wars movie marathon, but still!

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