Taking Down the Christmas Decorations

by - Wednesday, January 02, 2013

Ok, I don't know if everyone feels this way, but I genuinely enjoy taking down all our Christmas stuff. I feel like I am wrapping up a present I will get to unwrap in 11 months, so it isn't a task I mind. I am no expert, but here are a few tricks we have figured out that really help:

1. Twisty ties are your friend. We wrap our lights and beads into circles, then we wrap the loops with 3 twisty ties. We never have to deal with tangles and that business. Truly, the best thing we have ever thought of.
2. Get those ornament holders- My parents never had anything like this (if I remember right, it was just regular boxes and some paper towel padding, so at first I thought something like this would be really fussy. It keeps them safe and is just a clever design. Worth the money, because you will lose fewer arguments and you get to feel really organized. 

 3. Clear bins! In this case, you at least know exactly what is in each bin.  It also speeds the whole process up, and if you are a holiday hound like me, you can easily distinguish holidays without having to look through bins later.

4. Use the boxes things come in, but try to consolidate- I now have 2 nativity sets, our stockings, and a bunch of garland all inside one box that one nativity set came in. If you are like us and have very little room, stuffing things full is very important. But they also are often well marked and come with good stuff for packing, so tossing them seems like a waste.

5. If at all possible, do it all in one day- Like any kind of cleaning, before order comes absolute chaos. Don't let it sit. Of course I say this, but that tree is still up. But everything else is put away. Our apartment only looked like this for an hour or two. I cannot imagine how this works when people live somewhere with lots of room and have way more decorations to put up and take down. But I don't believe in the housework in shifts model. Get it over with!

Plus, January ends up being a spring cleaning month for us, so it is nice to clean everything out and get a fresh start. January is by far the most boring month every single year, but I think maybe that is a good thing? Like we all need a palette cleanser to start planning new excitement. That is our big goal this month.

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