Is Huffington Post Kidding?

by - Friday, January 25, 2013

Has anyone else noticed that Huffington Post consistently has at least one overtly sexist headline with a picture of a celebrity underneath it on its front page EVERYDAY. Today has three gems:

First, a picture of Taylor Swift (it is always just their face, so that their reader will click on the link) with the line "Taylor Swift takes the Plunge"

Further down the page is a picture of Jennifer Lopez with the caption "Proof she isn't wearing any underwear?"

A few more headlines and there is a picture of the lady from the Pussycat Dolls- the headline reads "YIKES! When the Flashbulbs Reveal too Much"

Really!?!? What the hell!

This is just the kind of bullshit liberal sexist assholery that I am getting sick of. I notice time and time again that liberal men will act just aghast against Republican efforts to control women's bodies, but this never thwarts their ability to keep objectifying women.  Huffington Post posts article after article supporting Hilary and her performance in the hearing and lambasting Republican leaders (and who can blame them) for continuing to harp on abortion and rape even though statistics show that its these stances (coupled with racism) hurt them greatly in the last election.

I don't disagree with these articles, but I am suspicious of them. Paired with these pictures of celebrities and super sexually suggestive and objectifying titles, they come off as incredibly hypocritical. You either respect women or you don't. Talking about whether someone is wearing underwear or not is not respect. You could make the argument that the celebrities covet this kind of attention, but you do not see the same treatment for male celebrities.

The underlying rhetoric is that they support women's rights in theory, and at the very least they support being morally superior and feeling like they have beaten sexism, etc. Except it is bullshit. You don't get it both ways. Either respect women or don't, but don't expect my respect when you also put up this kind of disgusting "journalism." Blech, Huffington Post, I want to love you, but I mostly hate you! Get your act together! Stop being the journalistic equivalent of a hipster faux-feminism.

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  1. HuffPo gets a bit of journalism in here and there, but they generally do a half-assed job, and they fill up a lot of space with click-bait. And they do have hteir favorite types of stories that they regularly include. You have correctly noted one (the template is roughly "Click on this and you might see a famous woman's lady parts") , but another one that irks me is repeated variations on "Some sort of educator does something terrible somewhere." Or the ever popular headline "Famous person says A" followed by an article in which it quickly becomes clear that they didn't say A at all.

    I don't know if the HuffPo folks are bad people, but generally speaking, they are bad journalists.