Favorite Dresses from the SAG Awards

by - Sunday, January 27, 2013

First three from People.com

 I thought the clothes were pretty low key tonight, but these were some of my favorites. Also, how about all of that Rita Hayworth hair? Mayim looked really pretty, and this may be my favorite Amy Poehler fashion moment ever. It also makes up for the fact that the poor woman has been nominated 18 times for Emmy's/ Golden Globes/ SAG Awards and never won! How is that possible? How has she not won everything? It makes me sad for the people watching because clearly they are missing the best ensemble on tv.

Rest of the pictures from Justjared.com
 Jennifer Lawrence looked pretty considering she was dying. I think I liked Elizabeth Moss's short dress best of all though. Not a bad stop on the Award season train (though Anne Hathaway managed to combine like every trend I am not feeling in one dress).

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