Ethical Shopping Christmas- How did we do? (Also known as I hate Crafty Kids USA)

by - Wednesday, January 02, 2013

I would say all in all, the Ethical shopping this year was a mixed bag. I am not sure I would give myself a passing grade, but I am at least starting to get the hang of it, and I am looking forward to putting this knowledge to use next year. One thing I would definitely like to improve on is shopping local in Franklin, but getting made in the USA and local stores is a big challenge.

I would guess that about half of our shopping was moving in the right direction.

One of the big wins was finding luggage for Pagmanda that was made in the USA, which they generally seemed pleased with. We bought Pag's bag from Tough Traveler ( and I think it will work perfectly for his needs. The bag is clearly well made, though the design was a little odd. Definitely would recommend them is you like soft luggage.

We got Aubrey a lock box from Tag Toys ( that turned out to be absolutely awesome. She seems really into it too, so I think this was one of our best purchases this Christmas, and it looks sturdy enough to last forever. I would highly recommend Tag Toys for kid, because their toys really do encourage other modes of learning. I am pretty sure Aubrey is a spatial thinker, and she likes organizing and repetitive behavior, so I am hoping this will be a good fit.

Some of my other favorites were from the beloved Etsy, of course.

I bought my cousin a print from Enchanted Canvas that I absolutely loved. I also have one of the Redwood Tree prints in the apartment, and it is beautiful. Check the store out here: For the sake of honesty, I will add that the painter is one of my oldest friends, but it doesn't make her work any less awesome.

I got my dad an awesome tie from Scatterbrain Ties. I liked so many of them I might do it again next year! Check the ties out here:

I bought my brother a porcelain Christmas tree that reminds me of the one my Mom has (my Great Grandma bought it for her). She offered to just give it to him, but come on! That woman has already handed over a good chunk of her keepsakes to us. She should just keep some things! I got it from this store ( and TP said she did a good job packing it.

In my dream moneybags world, Oh My Deer would have done our wedding invitations, but she also does prints which are absolutely beautiful. I bought both Shell and Melissa Christmas-y prints from her, because I think they look magical. Like the kind of thing you would be excited to pull out and hang up every year. Check it out here:

Our biggest disappointment was Crafty Kid USA ( though seriously you don't want to shop here). The store never sent us the gift and didn't tell us, so we only found out when we got home a few days before Christmas that Petey's present wasn't coming. They had a sketchy phone number, and after the Boy emailed them, they gave us a refund but no explanation or effort to make it right by sending the gift faster. It was such a downer, because  we were really looking forward to that house, but I think Crafty kids usa is a scam. Please, don't buy anything from there. After Christmas they claimed they were so popular that they ran out of everything, but I am suspicious. Every other small vendor we have used has been absolutely perfect, friendly, and accommodating, so give one of them your money instead.

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