Chocolate-Free Valentine's Day

by - Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Valentine's Day, in comparison to pretty much every other holiday, is pretty low key in our home. Usually, I make some sort of chocolatey treat and The Boy makes an especially awesome dinner (pea pancakes with basil butter!). This year, Ash Wednesday is February 13th, so I need to change plans (not that I am complaining, since Easter is on my birthday this year, which is one of my favorite things EVER). I always give up chocolate and pop for Lent (I never brought pop back after last year). I think we may give up eating out too- it is still being negotiated! So, since lent trumps Valentine's Day, I need to come up with an awesome but vanilla-y treat, the cutesier the better. Here are some ideas:''

Pretty much all of these were found on

I found some cute themed breakfast food. I tried making that bacon earlier this week, and it did not turn out like that. Isn't that always the thing with pinterest? They never turn out quite as nice. Currently, I am thinking heart-shaped pancakes are more my speed. I could do cinammon rolls, but I want to do them for the Boy's birthday the next week, so that may be a little much.

 These raviolis are really cute. I have no intention of ever trying them, but I thought I'd share anyway.

I tried to find some fruit-y stuff, so we could be healthy, but this is all I found. I am pretty sure that is pound cake, but I really like the heart fruit skewers. that seems super doable. 

 I am kind of obsessed with these treats with the arrow going through them. The cupcakes would have to be vanilla, but the idea would be about the same. And I can't even remember the last time I made a rice krispie treat, so that might be really fun.

 So they apparently have tried everything in the world, because there are also valentines cheesecakes (blech) or pie.

 There were lots of cute sugar cookie options too. These are my favorite. I really loved the owls.

So these are the ideas, now I kust need to narrow it down. I am thinking since I am going to do cinnamon rolls and cake for birthday week, neither of those make much sense for a week earlier. I will be sure to share whatever I come up with!

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