6 Things- Things getting Not Worse, Writing Tutors, and the Office

by - Thursday, January 31, 2013

1. Picking up the day after a solid breakdown- you know the craziest thing about super bad days? Another day comes right after it. And you can't really sustain petulant tantrum, so the next day is not as bad. I am not saying I didn't have a couple moments today, but all in all, things are getting even better.
2. Encouragement from loved ones- My friend Mindy sent me the sweetest messages ever and 3 out 4 of my parents checked in. Plus, my brother threatened to beat people up, and when he does that you know he means business. Or at least that he is bored. But mostly, he means business.
3.Writing Tutors- Writing tutors are awesome more often than not. It id a profession that really lends itself to kindness.

from www.guggenheim.org
4. This- Happiness is.
5. Stefan from Top Chef- I genuinely think he is one of the best chefs ever on the show and I like his really odd banter with people and love for lesbians. I am sad he got kicked off, but I am currently rooting for Sheldon and Brooke, so I guess whoever gets lost on the way, that is fine.
6. The Office- They are killing it in the end stretch!

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