6 Things- Oasis Day (Break from Harsh Reality)

by - Saturday, January 19, 2013

1. Half Moon Bay- It's never particularly warm, but it is beautiful.

2. Huge Waves-So beautiful! So glad we went out to see it today, because the waves were awesome.

3.  Having enough warm colored ballet flats that in a rush I could run out the door with two different shoes on. That is consistent style. Also, a pretty solid metaphor for my life as of late. And yes, I rocked this look all day.
4. That our combined music collection sounds like it belongs to an angsty 14 year old Christmas Elf- The boy's phone now plays any music we ever downloaded to zune. Talk about facing up to old mistakes.
5. Surprise visits with my Mom-this is the definition of happiness. Thank goodness for 2 hour layovers at SFO. Hopefully this truly awesome day is the beginning of an epic bounce back.

6. New Yorker Magazine Special on historical women with tattoos- all the pictures can be found here-  I just keep looking at these pictures over and over, especially the last one. There is something beautiful about tattoos and aging.

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