3 Things Yesterday- I Want you Back, The Chairman, and Date Nights

by - Saturday, January 26, 2013

1. The bass line in "I Want You Back" by the Jackson 5- It never gets old! A song that makes me wish I had finished learning to play the bass. Michael had to have been jealous of the bass line in that song. Just a great part.

from roaminghunger.com/sf
2. Moveable Feast- Friday Nights in Willow Glen a bunch of food trucks meet up so you can go and sit on buckets and eat 6 different kinds of awesome food truck food. My favorite was a bao roll sandwich with coca cola braised pork from the Chairman truck, which I guess is based out of SF. It was amazing. I will be talking about it until we can do back and have it again!
3. Great and unexpected date nights- I like when a great night together just kind of happens. We went and ate at the foodtrucks and then just drove around, but it was one of our best dates ever.

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