3 Things- Wigs, Popsicles, and Gravestones

by - Thursday, January 03, 2013

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1. Barbara Stanwyck's wig in Double Indemnity- There is some sort of quote where an executive said they thought they were getting Barbara Stanwyck, but got George Washington instead. The wig is truly awful. Distractingly so, even. It is stiff and makes her look like a slutty porcelain doll, so it is awful in the most perfect way ever. It was a tight little mystery movie, and it show how much you can do when you have to creatively work around limits. Their dialogue is not remotely sexual, but it is super sexy. She is covered neck to ankles in every scene and has that hair, yet, you get why she gets what she wants. It was a great movie. A great movie built around a great female performance. It even passes the Bechdel test (so far, all of Wilder's movies have). Can also see why it is a great noir film, because second to the wig, the lighting is pretty amazing. All in all, I really liked it, but that wig is a real highlight.

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 2. Dreyer's Fruit Bars- The Wild berry tastes like a Jamba Juice pomegranate smoothie. They are really tasty and pretty good for you (though probably less so if you eat a whole box over two days).

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3. Billy Wilder's Grave- Hilarious. Why I never knew about Billy Wilder before kind of blows my mind, but he is pretty awesome. Some Like it Hot? Sunset Boulevard? Double Indemnity? That's a lot of awesome out of one person. I am looking forward to more of his stuff, because he is super funny.

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