3 Things- Restaurant Wars, Paggy, and Readers!??!?!

by - Wednesday, January 16, 2013

1. Restaurant Wars- Thank you, Top Chef, for being a bright spot in one of those days in a long line of those days. 2 More.
2. My Father- I am at one of those low points where you get really snippy and when people try to help you, you decide they just don't know your pain. But my Dad can still help. And I have been scared to write a certain paragraph basically for weeks, and after one conversation with him, I just sat down and did it. It's not perfect, but it's a start, which is what I need 2 days before I have to turn this bad boy in. Basically, I have to talk through what I am doing, and I really just need people to listen, and my dad is a kickass listener.
3. Anyone else who would be willing to read my proposal- anyone interested? The idea is to sell your idea to someone who knows nothing about my topic, so if you are thinking to yourself that you know nothing about art history, you would be perfect. I just need someone who has no idea to tell me if it is making sense, if my phrasing is clear, and if I keep repeating words (one of my trademarks!). I genuinely need the help, so if you are willing, I would be grateful.

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