3 Things- Patrice, Where's Waldo, and Patti Smith

by - Saturday, January 05, 2013

1. "Damn it, Patrice!"-At some point in the course of How I Met Your Mother, they give Robin all the funniest things to do. I think Season 7 has some issues (namely, sitcoms take a bad turn when people start falling in love with people super quickly for narrative convenience), but you cannot argue that Patrice is one of the best characters ever and Robin's screaming at her is indescribably funny. Also, God bless a week where we sleep 12 hours a night and get through the entirety of 7 seasons of a show. I am certainly not starting the year the way I thought I would, but what can you do?

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2. This- Best tattoo ever.

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3.Patti Smith- I am not sure this is the intended reaction, but she just makes me happy. Have been trying to finangle her into my dissertation, but we will see how that goes.

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