3 Things- Modelthons, Clear and Simple as the Truth, and Kalila Mae

by - Wednesday, January 02, 2013

1. Top Model Marathons-Good lord, how can Tyra still reel me in so easily? Woke up at 7 this morning (still on PA time) and it was honestly the perfect accompaniment to taking down Christmas decorations, unpacking, and making Sick Boy his soup. It was a nice day, minus the sickness, all in all.
2. Clear and Simple as the Truth by Francis-Noel Thomas and Mark Turner- This book, I swear, is the best thing that has happened to my intellectual career in a very long time. May have been just what I needed to turn things around, but I am trying to read it a bit at a time so I can let the truths seep in. Happy to be feeling inspired, even if only briefly.

3. That Kalila Mae is now in the world! Yes Mindy, I stole this picture from you. So happy she is here, healthy, and pleasantly plump! Seriously, who doesn't love a chubby baby? Wish she had come a few days earlier so I could meet her right away, but can't wait to meet her sometime soon!! That's the end of this wave of babies, but I can already see the next one starting!

One thing I don't love- the whoosh cut on Top Chef- what is that business? Obnoxious, and it feels like it is trying to be edgy or something. There is nothing less edgy than really making an effort to be edgy.

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