3 Things- Loving on Teachers, Slot Machines, and Coming Back to a Full Mailbox

by - Tuesday, January 01, 2013

1. Jess Cagle's Editor's Note in the final 2012 Entertainment Weekly- a nice reminder that so much of what we love, and the paths we end up on, are all thanks to teachers we had along the way. It was just very sweet and a fitting tribute in what was a hard December. Everybody should love on their teachers, because we all have had (at least) one, who set us on the path we're on. Who introduced us to that thing we still can't get over.  I know that this reads like a platitude, but that doesn't make it any less true.

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2. The slot machines in the Las Vegas airport- So weird. Even weirder on New Year's Day, when there are ladies in sparkly holiday tops working the slot machines up until the last minute they have to leave the city. Las Vegas is my second least favorite airport, but it is hard to deny the charm of pre-flight gambling.
3. Getting a tremendous amount of mail when we got home- Man, it was so nice to walk into our apartment tonight, and not just because I could send the Boy to take his Nyquil and go to bed. Also, because our living room was full of boxes and our mailbox was completely stuffed. It made me very happy. We need to figure out a life balance where it isn't either 99% family/friends life and 1% personal space or 99% Just us and 1% social life. But for tonight, especially while taking care of the boy, I am glad to be sleeping in our own bed.

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