3 Things-Janet Cursing, The Boy, and Tomorrow only Being a Day Away

by - Thursday, January 10, 2013

1. My mom's swears- J Cro can really turn out the language when she is in the mood. I know it's weird, but damn do I love that about her. I think my brother and I both inherited the language, and thank God, because it feels so good to just swear it out and just get it off your chest. So fucking glad she is my Mom on days like these that suck otherwise.
2.The Boy- This morning, I realized that one of my Microsoft Word documents didn't autosave (no idea why), so I lost about a months worth of notes. He immediately came home to try and save it. And even though he didn't, it is good to have a partner who actively goes out of their way to help you in a low moment. The loss paired with increasing sickness and a foggy sick brain has made for a tremendously crappy day. But he tried to save my dissertation journal, brought me ice cream, and let me use his phone to listen to my Mom curse, so kudos to him for being one of the only things in the universe on my good side.
3. That today is almost over. Tomorrow is a new one, right? And now my computer is not allowed to update or reboot without my say so, so I should never have this day again in my life.

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