3 Things- grad stuent gloom, Chris Messina, and Checking Things off the List

by - Saturday, January 26, 2013

1. Terse and weird emails from my adviser- Remember how happy I was last week? That was nice. Back to being miserable and crabby. But at least right now I am kind of pissed about it, which makes me think the next step is that I just don't care. At which point I drop out of grad school and become a gypsy as was originally planned anyway.
2. Chris Messina- Man, I hated Ira and Abby. And then I really hated him at the beginning of Mindy Kaling's new show. But his tough guy/ soft-interior act is slowly wearing me down, and he is very sweet in The Giant Mechanical Man. I recommend the movie if you like romantic comedies, but haven't seen one in like the last 5 years that didn't make your brain feel like it was melting from misuse. Very sweet movie, and though it is playing off cliche and caricature, the central relationship and performances are genuinely great.
3. Getting things off my to do list- house booked for San Diego trip! Wooty Woot!

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