3+ Things- The Gold Globes

by - Sunday, January 13, 2013

1. Amy and Tina's opening- Funny and mean in the best way. Amy got the best lines in, and it was hilarious that she made the whole room gasp with her James Cameron joke. Plus, she rocked that side bun.
Also, Tina Fey will never get off making another "I am unattractive" joke again. Can it, Tina.
2. Kathryn Bigelow's face at every moment- Her absolute boredom and disdain works as the perfect photobomb for every excited winner who walked past her. I have no feelings toward the woman or her films, which I have minimal interest in seeing, but I now have a deep respect for her talent at being the rain cloud in an otherwise drunk and happy room.
3. Lea Michele's tan- whoa. That girl has been on vacation.Addendum: Dustin Hoffman's tan as well.
4. Red dresses- Specifically, Claire Danes's dress which I would wear everyday if I was her and had an infinite supply of two-sided tape.
5. That Amy Poehler called Bill Clinton Hillary's husband. Why didn't they use them more? I missed them.
6. When they announce presenters by their really embarassing work- Hansel and Gretl? Voice work for a children's movie? Please someone get Jessica Alba a real job. It would make my grandpa happy!

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