3 Things for yesterday- Parenthesis, Turning in a Draft, and Katherine Hepburn

by - Saturday, January 19, 2013

1. Parenthesis in citations- God, I love some Chicago Style. I just think endnotes look so much nicer with lots of parenthesis in them. I don't know if all academics feel this way, but I think one of the great pleasures of finishing a paper is finishing your bibliography.
2. Turning in a draft! Sure, in a few days I will have to face getting torn to shreds yet again by my adviser, but right now I am in that oasis between finishing a draft and starting a rewrite. For now, I get to feel cautiously optimistic.
3. Katherine Hepburn in Philidelphia Story- I'll be honest- it was no Bringing Up Baby, and a shocking amount of the dialogue is just about how awesome she is. In its defense, she is super awesome.

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