3 Things- Eye Sparkles, Fake Profiles, and Joe Schmo

by - Tuesday, January 08, 2013

1. A Talk I had with one of the most brilliant people at Stanford- one of the doctoral students in the Performance studies program is genuinely one of those people I think later I will be saying I knew him when. When he and I talked about my dissertation, his eyes lit up when I talked about my topic. In that way where you hear something juicy and want to hear all about it. It is the small victories in life, but I at least am happy that people are really enticed by what I am doing now.
2. People who make fake profiles- We just lost a photo contest from our wedding photographers (we are ok with it- there is more competitive spirit than wall space in this apartment), but The Boy was poking through the other couple's likes, and at least 4 of the profiles had no pictures or friends, and they had been made in the last hour. Another three had no pictures or friends, but were a little bit older. We can't get that bitter, because The Boy's friend Jake voted, and he only uses facebook for spotify, but it was a weird twist at the end. At least it will make the Boy (and hopefully our parents?) feel better about losing. At the very least, watching him make the discovery was really hilarious. And now he gets to feel he has the moral/honorable upper hand and so forth. And honestly, I would much rather have all the pictures we paid for 5 months ago than one gigundo picture for free.
3. That Joe Schmo is back on, and that yet again the Schmo is from Pittsburgh- They have clearly realized how sweet and trusting Western Pennsylvanians are. Way to suck me in at the intro, Spike. You know I will put time and energy into rooting for other Pennsylvanians.

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