10 Ways to Survive Whatever Combination of Bugs you Get this Season

by - Tuesday, January 29, 2013

We have all been sick and gross. I am finally on the other end of drowning in my own sickness, and so here are my best tips on how to make your cold/flu work for you.

1. Hot drinks- i never enjoyed hot drinks before, but hot chocolate was just about the best thing ever when my throat hurt.
2. Embrace your inner lazy bum- sweatpants are the key to regaining your health. Watch a marathon of tv. If you watch Catfish, drink some dayquil every time you see chest hair or they use google image search. If you watch Gold Rush, have some dayquil every time Todd makes a poor decision based on seemingly no logic whatsoever. If you watch say yes to the dress, drink every time that spout platitudes about a woman's dreams or her special day.
3.Sleep! Don't feel bad about it. You are sick, and when night comes around, you will keep yourself awake coughing half the night. If you have a window and you can lay down without feeling like you are going to die, just dive in.
4.Learn to knit! Activities are ok, but they should be pretty tame activities. I did a lot of reading for my dissertation and worked on my knitting. I have a full wash cloth now! If only I knew how to finish it! No matter what, do not exercise. It is ok. You can be healthy and truly productive once you are healthy, but be unapologetic now.
5. Every so often, take an ib profen- It's amazing how much they can help if you take one in the morning and you are feeling super horse.
6. On that note, if you lose your voice, try to sing- Nothing makes Les Mis sound more tragic than if you are physically incapable of singing it. It is weirdly fun to play around with your crazy voice, and at least for me that makes me laugh. And laughter heals.
7. Take extra showers- The steam feels awesome on your throat. And since you are being a hermit, there is no need to look cute, so the soggy dog look works. Especially if it makes you feel way better.
8. Do not use a teapot to pour stuff up your nose- apparently my Grammy does this, and people swear that it works, but this is just so weird to me. When I don't feel good, I am not coordinated enough to stand up, so anything that takes that much coordination is just not going to happen.
9. Do not set things on your space heater or any heater- Space heaters are healing, house fires, less so. It's a simple piece of wisdom, but when you are pushing blankets around in the middle of the night, make sure they make it to the floor, out of harm's way.
10. Do not wait until things get dire to go to the doctor- I personally think my family practice doctor is a bit of a tool, but he gave me antibiotics, so I can't knock him. If I were a little wiser, I would have gone at least a week sooner, because by the time I saw my doctor, I was just exhausted from having been sick so long! Be smarter than me and just go to the doctor!

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