Top Ten Things I Ate in 2012

by - Thursday, December 06, 2012

 Ok, the caveat for this is that I am only writing on new things, or things we have improved a bunch. Clearly, if I was just writing on the best things, it would be all Cheddar Biquits and Leonardo's pizza, which would be truthful, but pretty boring.

 10. Jerk Chicken at Coconuts in Palo Alto-Coconuts has really good drinks, and you eat all of the food family style, which is cute, but when you are only two people, it doesn't help you try too many things. But the jerk chicken is delicious and spicy and crispy and good stuff. We were pretty excited about it.

9. Grilled Shrimp tostadas and tacos-Salsa and well-marinated shrimp is a truly awesome combination. Throw some avocado in there, and it can't get much better. One of my favorites from a year where we tried to master healthy eating.

8.  Turkey Sandwich at Disneyland- My goodness, I wish this was a joke, but I was shocked just how good my turkey sandwich was when we went to Disneyland. Best one I have ever had. I am not a huge fan of turkey, and I generally avoid turkey sandwiches, but this one was truly awesome. We went in February, and we still both bring up that sandwich.

7. Snickerdoodle Cookies that my Nana made- I never thought I liked snickerdoodles, probably because they are brown and dusty, but my nana made them and I would never deny my Nana, so I tried one. Snickerdoodles are awesome! They are like sugar cookies, but with cinnamon all over them too. The moral of the story is that I have to keep trying stuff, especially stuff that is cookies.

6. Scallop Sliders at some restaurant on the side oh Highway 1- I mostly have always hated scallops, but I recently had a couple that were good. On our mini-moon, we stopped on our way up the coast and I went for it. They were pretty awesome little sliders, and the scallops were crispy on the top and bottom and soft in the middle which seems to be the trick. Of course, it was way too much food, but I ate a lot of it anyway. And a bird jumped around in the restaurant.

5. The little green tortellini's at our Rehearsal Dinner-Amazing Foods catered our rehearsal dinner, which I argued was too fussy, but they did such a great job that afterwards I was not complaining. They had these little green tortellinis that I got seconds of even though I really shouldn't have. But they were so good!

4. S'more Dessert at Morimoto's in Napa-The whole meal was good, but this dessert was awesome. It really had all the flavors of a s'more- the square thing even had the smokiness like it was cooked over a camp fire. We split it three ways, which was good because it was so rich, but we were just so impressed by how delicious and layered it was. It was like when they talk about "progressions of flavor" on cooking competitions. It was awesome.

3. The Boy's best Clam Chowder and my best apple pie- Ok, these ones aren't new, but they were our two big cooking victories this year. The Boy made us clam chowder last month that was the bomb (sorry, the picture is not that appetizing, but trust me, the man nailed it). Some of it, I think, was that we bough all of the produce at the farmer's market, and we just happened to get all great veggies. It can be a toss up, but it was divine soup intervention.  We also have been trying to make my mom's brown sugar crusted apple pie, and for applefest this year, we just nailed it. Again, I think about half the trick is buying the right apples, and we just got good ones. It's cool that we are getting better at cooking stuff, even if it is still pretty much a mixed bag.

2. Our Anniversary cake, which we had 2 days after our wedding- I only vaguely remember having a couple of bites of cake at the actual wedding, because I feel like we were both too excited to really eat much. But two days later, once the excitement had died down, we had plenty of room for our first year anniversary cake by JPC, and it was so good! I will never be a fondant girl, but the frosting was great and the cake was delicious.

1. Mashwi at Dish Dash in Sunnyvale-Probably this is now my favorite restaurant near where we live (the closest we've found to Aladdin's in Squirrel Hill). We can't eat here too often, because I would eat my own weight in Naan bread. Also, the restaurant inside feel really cozy, even though every time we go, it seems like the place is actually even bigger than we thought, and it is very pretty. But this dish, with fish and prawns and their super good rice is my favorite (I may like the Naan better, it's hard to say. I have a real commitment to carbs). The prawns are sooooo good. Yay Mashwi!

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