Top Ten Goals for 2013

by - Sunday, December 30, 2012

1. Put the value on the fruit of my labor, stop being so attached to things that I know are holding me back- this includes owning that I am an academic and therefore embracing grammar and vocabulary I find ostentatious or overblown. This does not mean becoming ostentatious, but getting my arms around it so I can use it to my advantage. I think I have made not caring my defense for the soul-beating slog which is a PhD program, and the problem is in some cases I should care. This year, the goal is to be more effective in what I choose to care about.


2. Go to Africa- Odd Years are travel years.I have two continents to go before I hit 30. This is the year of Africa. If Egypt goes through another big political upset (which is looking more and more likely), we will go somewhere else (most likely, Nairobi, and we would do the safari thing). But we are going to Africa.If you read this blog often, you will be hearing a lot more about this in the month of January.
3. Get into a healthy and productive routine-Exercise, reading for 2 hours a day, eating healthy, writing 4 to 6 hours a day, reading the Bible, Getting Sleep, Being Creative. Going to school more. Having fewer distractions. This is what I want for a daily routine. I am going to try to have something a little more concrete to stick with.
4. Rebuild Confidence in Ways that aren't just bullshit ego-building- Step 1 in this- get a freaking proposal approved! I think I need to have that win, and the only way to get there is to keep moving despite feeling so weighted down by 2012's losses. So, the less nice way of putting this is stop sucking and turn in a good proposal. Enjoy the small wins of great paragraphs and just hold on so I don't give up. Ooooh grad school, you kick my ass at every turn. Be kinder and harder to myself at the same time. Hold myself to the standard I used to. Nose to the grindstone! Etc!!!

5. Learn to knit- I am already working on this, and have even knit my first tiny mishapen rag thing. I am very proud of it. Perhaps I have more work to do, but I think it might be the perfect airplane passtime once I finish the Harry Potter books. If I have a solid scarf done by the end of next year, I will consider this one a success.
6. Be kinder to others and be a better listener- I feel like I have lost this skill, and it is really important. If I am not listening to you well, please call me on it. Going to try to change the world by going that extra step for people this year (also, this includes re-evaluating my citizen-ship again, though I recognize there are some limitations to doing this and simultaneously focusing on my dissertation).
7. Get one teaching job- start making those contacts and making my own path.
8. Make more, consume less-  I want to spend less time watching/consuming other people's intellectual output and try to focus more of my energy on my own making, because that makes me genuinely happy. I think I enjoyed wedding planning because it was a chance to develop something creative and then actually execute it. I don't get that much chance to do that, except for on here, and I want to continue the making momentum, because it makes me happy. The only real exception is that I want to continue pushing through my Big Important Movie List, because I am a good chunk in, and it is fun to see all this stuff. A lot less
9. At least 3 big ones off the Bucket List- This year was shockingly wimpy on the "achieving big goals" scale. This year I want to put a dent in it, as rewards for dissertation successes, before I start spawning and so forth.

10.Sell a photograph- Pag got me a Zenfolio account this year for Christmas, so I am hoping that I can figure out a way to sell one of the photographs I have taken over the past five years or so. I am not sure how many of them are actually marketable to anyone who isn't related to me, but I am taking the leap and putting myself out there with the hope that I could actually do something with my pictures. That would be super cool.

If you want to check out my pictures or buy a mug/coaster/t-shirt with one of them on there, this is my new photo website, which is still under construction:

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