Can Someone Explain to Me How People Look Good After Flights

by - Monday, December 17, 2012

Now that I have flown across the country about a million times, I can honestly say I still look like I was run over by a truck every time after its over.  It is never cute. Example:

I mean, I like to blame this on the fact that the average trip from one front door to the other is about 12 hours, and no one holds things together for that long. But on these same trips, I buy myself trashy celebrity magazines, where already attractive people come out of the airport looking even more attractive. Examples:

Seriously people? Was your stylist with you? How do you not even look a little bit unkempt? Miranda Kerr's baby even handles traveling better than I do! Damn you, genetically perfect beautiful people spawn!

Ok, so despite my general failings at this, there are a few lessons I have definitely learned between SFO and PIT:

1. Always layer and wear something long- I don't care where you are going or what season it is, airplanes are always cold. And if you take the Taylor Swift leap (seriously? Did she change in the airplane bathroom or something?), you know you will be stuck next to the doucher who has their fan on full blast. Don't tempt fate- Pants, leggings, or a maxi skirt is always your best option. 

2. Bring a scarf- Same reason. If you don't need it to keep warm, you can use it as a pillow, so your face doesn't have the grain of the tray table on it (this may be my biggest fail- sleeping on your face does not make you look less like a drug addict). 

3. Wear something that covers your back- It is too easy to have a tramp stamp moment on an airplane, so just keep that back covered. A long tank top or a dress is essential to not embarrassing yourself, unless you are really proud of that back tattoo. 

4. Wear things that don't wrinkle- I am not sure what the girl from Laguna Beach is doing with the button up white top, but I have found if it can look wrinkly, by the end of the trip you will look like your own pile of dirty laundry. 

5. Come prepared- Have something to brush your hair with, brush your teeth with, and to put under your eyes. Unless you are a celebrity, wearing sunglasses in a Pennsylvania airport in December really is not going to impress anyone (but if you need them, just get them at Sue Venir's). Bring something to do with your hair in case all that fails (but it never does when you are rich and good looking). This seems to be key even for normal people who do a better job than me- they have more of what they need to just reboot before facing humanity again.

6. Be comfortable- I am 99.9% sure this is where I fail at being a chic traveler. I think if you are Kim Kardashian, the only comfort you get is the comfort in knowing you are fancy. Because Leather pants don't scream comfort to me. I always try to be ambitious, then when I am leaving our apartment (usually either for a red eye or very early trip- so at like 9 or 3 in the morning), I settle on the sweatshirt, the loose comfy jeans, and the big loose t shirt. If it's a red eye, I'm going for the sweatpants. I also carry my giant back pack, usually filled with books I won't actually read. This perhaps hurts the ensemble, as well as adding to the "Oh you brave middleschooler" reaction I get mroe often than you would think. So the trick must be landing somewhere in between- Comfy leggings, but real shoes. Carrying a laptop in a grown-up bag. That sort of thing. 

Do you have any tricks for staying fresh while traveling? I know this isn't the end of the world, and Goodness knows Wednesday morning I will be back in my comfy clothes, but it truly blows my mind just how much better some women can hold it together. Any suggestions?

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  1. i always rock the athletic look - tennis shoes, shorts (with spandex underneath, sometimes sweatpants over), tshirt, hoodie (i love being cold, and hoodies make great pillows). or if i know i won't need tennies and i won't have to sprint for connections (shin splints.. yuck) i'll wear flipflops. backpack and messenger bag - backpack usually has clothes (goal to never check a bag), and bag packed with laptop/things to do on the plane (knitting) and snacks. def no belts (so annoying at security)... and i always take an empty water bottle that i fill when i get thru security so i don't have to pay $5 for water. so i pretty much look the same coming off the plane as i do getting on - not to special but not too grubby :)