3 Things Yesterday- Zelda fans, 2nd Encores, and Carrie Vincent Hugs

by - Saturday, December 15, 2012

Ok, we seriously must be sick, because we fall asleep earlier and earlier every night. We slept 12 hours last night and we are still tired. Something weird is going on here, for sure.

1. Zelda Fans- So, to earn the most girlfriend points in the world, I went to a Zelda concert last night with the Boy. I had no idea what was going on at all. I mean, everything I know about Zelda and Link and Gangor (???) I learned at dinner before we got there. So, its magic was perhaps lost on me, but I could still appreciate a room full of people, many of which were in really committed costumes, cheering and gasping and laughing (at chickens?) all at the same time. It was so sweet. We sat by two kids (like 17-20ish) who played their DSes through intermission and were so freaking excited for the whole thing. I loved it because of that.
2. 2nd encores- ok, I am lying. Two encores, especially when they are clearly planned, is truly ridiculous. I have no patience for that kind of self-congratulatory nonsense. Unless you have literally brought the house down, it is not necessary. Really.
3. Carrie Vincent giving hugs- Ok, this actually just happened, but we both gasped. When she told the cake person to give her a hug, she sounded so angry. We loved it. I love it when not-so-huggy people begrudgingly give hugs.

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