3 Things Yesterday- Crafting, Albright, and International Camera Technicians

by - Friday, December 14, 2012

1. A whole day of crafting- yesterday was the 10th anniversary of our first date, so I got to spend the day turning our apartment into a winter wonderland. It was a nice peaceful break from the proposal.
2. Madeline Albright and Nate Silver's responses to the political pundits and "political football" jackassery that is going on. I absolutely do not understand what is going on with this country's politicians. I want to believe it is the last, extremely silly stand of a bunch of white men who are trying to clog the system to prove their own political power, but honestly, I just don't get it.
3.International Camera Technicians- two 70+ gentlemen who fix cameras, tell you about their ailments, and only take cash. One of which says "und" instead of "and," which has to be my favorite German tell. I won't get my camera back until after Christmas, which is a serious downer, but at least I feel like it is in good hands.

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