3 Things- Nikon 5100, Naps, and Baby Bickel

by - Friday, December 28, 2012

1. My new camera! We got our wedding gift from the Boy's brother and his family, and he got us a Nikon D5100. I am so excited about it, though I feel some separation anxiety about leaving my old one! I know it's dorky, but I do, so there.
2. Naps- Boy, I needed one. I took a two hour name today, and it was awesome. Could have probably slept through the whole night if I had the time. Excited for sleeping again!
3. Seeing Parker Bickel- It seriously feels so odd to watch the people who I have been close to since I was little taking care of their little ones, but it is awesome to see how good they are at it! Plus, their children seem a lot cuter than kids I don't know, and I am sure there is some sort of psychological phenomena to explain that kind of thing.

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