3 Things I Love Today- Yoko in Hotpants, Poppins Tattoos, and December

by - Sunday, December 02, 2012

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1. Yoko Ono in short shorts- This is from almost 10 years ago now, so she is in her 70's in this picture. She apparently got some slack from critics about being "too old" to dress this way, so old that it is "scary", and she came right back at them, saying "Well, I don’t know about that. I will, if I felt like it one day! If I did, why would it be scary for you? Scary, is a very strange word to use to express your feeling of the possibility of seeing me on the street with hot pants, isn’t it?" I would like to be Yoko Ono when I grow up.

Now that I am writing about aging in my dissertation, I have been thinking a lot about cultural visibility and aging women. I am DEFINITELY ageist (I am pretty sure I have had a good baby boomer rant on here somehow), so now I am trying to think more critically about this. I am excited about it. Because the weird thing is that unlike racism or sexism, you are (probably) going to become what you are ignoring/ disdaining/ whatever.  If you have disdain or fear of aging, you are just accumulating negativity you will inevitably internalize and turn on yourself. It's like a promise for hating what you see in the mirror when you are older, and in general I look forward to growing old. I think I was born to be an old lady. Now, if I can be one as cool as Yoko Ono, life will be good.

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2. This tattoo- Speaking of ladies who are the bomb (sure she's fictional, but still a bad ass). This tattoo is super cute. 
3. That it is December- I love it. I am above very little of the holiday-related nonsense and have been trying to perfect our Christmas music playlist. If you have any suggestions, please share. I love the way our house smells and that I always have Christmas cards to send. I am concocting a theory that being bored is the worst and most infectious feeling a person can have, and there is always something worth doing in December (including staring into space considering my dissertation).

Bonus! The King's Speech- I have watched it twice in as many days (the Boy wanted to see it) and it goes down like comfort food. An easy and lovely movie. Also, I thought Geoffrey Rush gave a great performance, so it is sad he didn't get more attention for it. 

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