3 Things I Love Today- Sweetums, Zombie Bug, Archives with Great Search Engines

by - Thursday, December 06, 2012

from thevandelles.bandcamp.com/
1. Sweetums from the Muppet Movie- Maybe my favorite Muppet ever. I just love him!!! So sweet.
2. Zombie Bug- Last night, I don't even remember going to bed, but I do remember an entire pleasant evening of just sort of grunting at each other and staring into space. I am not sure we have ever been sick at the same time at this level, so we are both kind of playing caretakers and patients at once. We just sort of passed out last night and The Boy took today off. Hoping the rest will turn this whole thing around. Today we will lay around and write our holiday cards- we were going to put a wedding picture in them, but First Blush still hasn't done them yet. I have to say, the wedding picture set up is one of the crappiest in the world- they can take their sweet time because they already have your money, so all you can do is sit around and wait. We've tried emailing them, but yesterday The Boy got a sassy email back from them, as if we were being unreasonable wanting even one or two of our pictures almost 4 months after our wedding (especially since the contract we signed said 3 weeks) or at the very least for a business to return our emails. I know we will love our pictures once we get them, and they are great photographers, but this is taking some Ghandi-like patience, and treating us like we are bothering you when you have put us off this long is pretty screwed up.
3. The Archive of American Art's Search- So clear and easy and precise. Yesterday, I was pretty obsessed with it.

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