3 Things I Love Today-- GOP Shenanigans, Laying on the Couch, and Nyquil

by - Tuesday, December 04, 2012

1. Things that aren't the GOP- no offense to my friends who are Republicans, but what the heck is up with your party? Did they learn nothing? The Boehner choosing all white and male committee chairs for the GOP? Shining star Rick Santorum and homeschoolers fighting AGAINST the rights of people with disabilities? Seriously??? Let me tell you, if you live in a dream world where the only voices that matter are the ones that sound like yours from the people who look like you, you are only going to become increasingly frustrated with the world. Because no amount of money or nastiness will validate your privilege and the world is a lot less impressed with white maleness than you imagine they once were. I realize that the crazy conservatism has to put up a good fight, but to be honest I am just getting bored with some of this awfulness now. I am not claiming by any means that the Democrats have it all figured out, but wow, at least pretend to want to broaden your constituency. When you just give people a big "F you, we are doing it the old way no matter what you think," you are not likely to win their votes.
2. Laying Down- The Boy and I have some gross bug, and I swear it feels like my head is ten times the weight of my body. I feel like I have been hit by a train. On the bright side, our couch is very comfy and I get to fall asleep at least once an hour. It's a good night in our house.
3. Nyquil- #1 Thing I am looking forward to in my life right now. Hoping to wake up a new, much less zombie-like person.

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