3 Things I Love Today- Girls in the English Patient, Guerilla Girls, Crafting

by - Monday, December 03, 2012

1. Kristen Scott Thomas and Julliette Binoche in The English Patient- I'm only halfway through, but they are both spectacular enough that you really do feel confused about why they are both putting so much on the line for such a self-important goober. Is he really supposed to be someone you root for? I'm ready for him to die already and stop telling Sayid how to read Kipling. I like him enough to put him on the Food Network. Also, kudos to them for making a film with two really brilliant female performances that still fails the Bechtdel Test.

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2. Today's Inspiration- Love those Guerilla Girls.
3. Christmas Crafts- Ours are on the move now and they are turning out very cute. Also, love the Boy for joining in.

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